Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Economics

I am a creative person, I love cooking and adore sewing, so why dont I like Home Economics?
I could speed through the Home Ec module this year it is so easy, but I just can't because it bores me... I have cooked meals for my family before many, many times. I have sewn pyjamas, aprons, clutches and am currently working on a laptop bag. So it's obvious that baking muffins and sewing a cushion cover is really really boring :(
Anyway getting away from that boring streak about meals and cushion covers, to show that I am actually good at Home Ec, here is a picture of the cake that I made for mum's birthday yesterday and then a picture of my hands afterwards:I deliberatley did not put a picture of the kitchen floor afterwards!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Term 2... here I come!

On Thursday and Friday we visited my grandparents in their new house in York, so we missed out on the first days of school for Term 2. Instead, today is my first day!

And, I haven't had too much luck this morning....
First, arriving at my classroom a bit late, I had to hurry to get my laptop started for my Health Centra lesson. Then, the computer randomly decided it needed to do a check-up before it started up, there goes a few minutes... Luckily I have finger swipe instead of a password, so logging in was simple. Then the internet wouldn't work, just my luck! A fewmore minutes gone there... Finally, once I had that sorted out, the computer stopped responding. Great! When I finally logged into Centra it was too late... :(

Wait, there's more... after that I decided to fax off some work, but first I needed to photocopy it. Usually all I need to do is put in the sheet and press: Black Copy. But not today, the ink was out, so tried several times and when it just came out white asked Mum to change the ink. She did. Then we had to do a test run, and it still wasn't good, but that would have to do, because I had had it by now. So it was pretty average photocopying. Now all I needed to do was fax it. But yes of course, the fax machine jammed the paper up, and once that was all fixed up, I got the number wrong, then finally, my job that would usually only take the press of a few buttons was done... several hairs torn out along the way!

By the way, it's not Sunday, it's Monday, I'll have to change my settings..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sorry...but it's holidays!!

Sorry, I did break my promise of writing on the blog everyday!!! But then I suppose I could do more school work in the time I was supposed to be writing on the blog.

Well, it's holidays now, so I might not write that much either, but I will keep you informed!
Happy Holidays Everyone! (in WA at least)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Another plus about SIDE (compared to BCGS) is that there are no exams! Whilst my friends at BCGS have to sit 2 lots of exams this year I don't have any.

Apart from French that is.
Seeing as I am doing Yr 10 French (I lived in France in 2008 and speak French quite well) I have to sit the Yr 10 exams. It's good though because it's flexible so I can do them when I'm ready as long as it's by the end of this week. So the rest of this week will be revision, revision, revision...
My teacher, Mme Chopping, said that I'll do fine but I can't help being a little bit nervous, can I?

Oh well, at least I don't have to have exams in Science!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Classroom and Me!

I thought you might like a peek of my classroom... Here is where I work from 9 - 3 every weekday if I'm not doing my work on the sofa instead or not doing my work at all (that happens very rarely, I assure you)...

Me at my desk...
And to show that I do actually do some work!

Ok, I am now going to motivate myself to do something even bigger than just writing a blog, but to write on the blog at least everyday! Well, at least every school day...

So I suppose I'll see you tomorrow, oh hang on, for your info here is a copy of my timetable:
And one of me just cause I couldn't resist...

Bye! xx


Hello everyone (anyone?)

This is me... Sophie!

I've decided to motivate myself to write a blog because I like writing blogs and maybe someone might like to know the story of my homeschooling during 2011.

It all started last year, I was a Year 7 boarder at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School (it is a good school, don't let me put you off!) But I didn't like, it just wasn't suited for me, so after a year I gave up and decided to try homeschooling. Not only because I didn't like it at Bunbury but because I love taking new adventures and this is one...

It's not really homeschooling, it's actually through SIDE, which is distance education and I'm enjoying it heaps! It's nearly the end of Term 1 so I've missed the really exciting bits, but I'll start here.

So welcome!